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This feature has become very popular because of the many television and radio stations that have been using it for years. It is also very easy to use and allows you to grow your database considerably because people like to share. You can gain valuable information about your customers, segment your database and practice a more targeted marketing. You can also get new customers to text-in to your short code by offering an incentive for them to win "something"(Text-to-Win).
Our platform allows you to ask a multiple choice question with up to TEN choices. All people need to do to participate in the mobile vote is to text your Mobile Keyword to your Short Code. They will then immediately receive back a text message that's customized by you with all the choices they can vote for. They simply need to reply back with just the number that's tied to the choice and that's it!
Your voting module ensures that each mobile phone can only vote one time keeping things fair and simple.
4 Easy Steps to start your mobile voting campaign:
1. Text the Keyword that's tide to the mobile vote/win campaign.
2. Receive the multiple choice question. Ex: What is your favorite desert? Reply with just the # 1. chocolate cake; 2. cheese cake; 3. ice-cream; 4. strawberry shortcake.
3. Send in your response: 2
4. Receive an automated thank you message that you can customize and change at anytime. Ex: Thank you for voting. We will be texting everyone this Friday with the results.
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