arrow Shuffle Responder

This feature allows your customers to receive up to 10 different messages every time they text in your Keyword. Once a customer has texted the Mobile Keyword more than the number of allotted shuffle responses in your pool, you can set up an automated shuffle responder message to go out indicating that the pool of shuffle responders has been exhausted.
Its great for :
• Daily Specials
• Joke of the Day
• Daily Bible Verses
• Weekly Coupons & Promotions
Here is how it works:
• A Comedy Club signs up to use the automated Shuffle Responder for an upcoming promotion.
• Table tents and/or other in-club signage direct customers to text Keyword to Short Code to receive our daily joke.
• Customers can easily opt into the program by texting the keyword at their tables.
• Customers receive a special text message from the pool of different auto responders.
• When customers text the same keyword again, they will receive a different joke (the shuffle responder) until the pool of auto responses have been exhausted
shuffle responder