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Your business can benefit from having mobile marketing as much as any retail business. You can use a short code (96362) and mobile keyword (like "service") to create a list of customers to text, IM, or email. The possibilities for staying in constant contact with your opt-in audience are endless with mobile marketing. There is a reason why most large corporations utilize mobile marketing already… it simply WORKS!
How does it work:
1. Set up your Keyword for a Text-to-Win campaign : Text "YourKeyword" to 96362 for a chance to win a free oil change" and promote it in your place of business, flyers, magazines etc.
2. Your Customers will text the Keyword to 96362 and will receive an automatic response that u set up. Not everybody will be a winner, so for those customers you can set up an automatic response with a coupon : "Sorry you didn't win this time, but here is a coupon for you for 20% off your Car Wash between 7-9 am".
3. Now they are opted in to your distribution list and using our software, you can text this person in the future to keep him/her updated.
Send out text messages for:
Service Appointment - Remind customers or appointments and when periodic service is required on their vehicle
Oil Change Reminder - Remind clients every 3 months for an oil change.
Warranty Reminders - Remind customers when a warranty repair is required or when a warranty is expiring.
Manufacturer Recall Notice - Notify customers when their vehicle needs a recall item fixed.
Service Completion Notice - Let customers know when their vehicle is ready for pickup
Mobile Coupons: " 20% Off your Car Wash between 7-9 am."
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