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Keep your party-goers in the loop at all times. Now you can simply and effectively reach all your customer audience using All-in One text message, email, IM, voice broadcast and social media marketing.
How it works:
1. Create your "Keyword" and advertise it. A person see's your mobile keyword advertised in your flyers, in your mass emails u send out, on Facebook/ MySpace or even in your place of business.
2. They text "YourKeyword" to your "Short Code".
3. They will then automatically receive a text right back. Maybe something like, "Thanks for joining our mobile list. Show this text to receive 50% off cover. Huge event this Sat, visit"
4. Now they are opted in to your distribution list and using our software, you can text this person in the future to keep them informed about your business.
Ideas on how to collect contacts and keep your patrons coming back again and again.
Contests: Let random patrons win "no cover" entry if they send a text while waiting in line. The Text -to -Win feature will automatically choose the winner from the number of contacts joining in.
Live Code: Have a Keyword customers can text to find out who's performing.
Send a Coupon: "Ladies Night", or other special events.
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