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Save time and money by using our
All-in-One Marketing Platform!
Tired of waiting for customers to respond to printed ads? Communicating with your customers using CouponFlash All-in-one Marketing Platform will quickly and effectively put your business at their finger tips. The cutting edge of advertising is text messaging. For the same price other companies charge for email or mobile marketing alone, you can upgrade to a service that integrates all these communication channels:
• Mobile Text Message/Mobile Picture Message/Videos
• Instant message: AOL/IM/Google IM (coming soon)
• Email
• Voice Broadcast
• Social Media/Blogs: Facebook/Twitter
Its time to get your business out of its economic slump and start marketing like a Fortune 500 Company! Mobile marketing is growing in popularity every-day, and CouponFlash provides your business a unique and fun way for you to interact with your customers, increase response rates, raise brand awareness and maximize return on your investment. With our easy to use web-based software (no download necessary) you will be in total control of your marketing campaign, as well as statistics to keep track of your data and response.
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Mobile Marketing is Hot and everyone uses it now!
These days almost everyone owns a mobile phone and we carry it with us everywhere we go. Did you know that 93% of people who receive a text message will open it within 4 minutes? No other marketing method can beat that.
Starting your own mobile marketing campaign is easy:
1.Sign up and get your unique Keyword.
People text your Keyword to 96362 to join your mobile list. Once they have opted-in to receive text messages, their phone number will be stored into your own mobile database. You can then send direct response campaigns for promotions, coupons, sales alerts, appointment reminders and important news! Learn more about Keywords and Short Codes.
2.Advertise your Keyword and Short Code.
You see Mobile Keywords all over TV, radio, magazines, and Fortune 500 websites. You can advertise your Keyword and Short code almost everywhere you do traditional marketing: table tents in restaurants, on business cards, in brochures, in magazines, in newspapers, on billboards, at your front reception desk. You can also advertise by using our custom field creator for: sign-up pages on your website, QR codes, or widgets for Facebook/Twitter.
3.Watch your profits grow and cash in on your minimal investment.
Turn slow days into busy days by sending out a call to action message that invites customers into your place of business by offering them an incentive. The possibilities are endless.
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