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Voice messaging combines the personal touch of a human voice with advanced technology that allows you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people with a single telephone call. Simply put, it's a pre-recorded message people can hear when they pick up their landline or mobile phones.
Voice marketing has been an integral component of top businesses' marketing mix and strategy to consumers for years. It provides your business with a platform to execute voice marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your store, website or event, while increasing customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction. Announce special sales, cross-sell complimentary products or services, and generate incremental sales.
Voice Broadcast is great for:
Invitation Reminders for Events and Promotions:
Do you have special events for your customers or clients? It’s easy to record and send a personal invite that’s directly from you and in your own voice to those you wish to attend. You can include details of when and where the event is, what special discounts or savings they may receive by attending, and even include directions on where to RSVP or on how to get to the location.
New Product and Service Announcements
Have you ever spent an enormous amount of time preparing to release a new product or offer a new service only later to hear from your customers that they weren't even aware of it being available? With voice messaging you can reach all of your customers in a matter of minutes on the day you want them to know about your new offering. Your customers will appreciate being informed and you'll likely see a boost in sales.
Voice Broadcast