arrow Virtual Business Card

Never be caught in a situation where you cannot give out your business card because you don’t have one with you, forgot them in your briefcase, or simply just handed out the last one. Never give out information to someone and not get theirs in return again! The Virtual Business Card is not only environmentally friendly but is always with you.
Do you know what happens to most business cards? Most of the time they end up on the desk or in the trash and the contact is lost forever.
Hand out your business card direct to their phone.
Step 1: Instruct them to Text (YOUR NAME-Keyword) to your short code.
Step 2: They get an auto-generated text right back to their phone with all of your contact information, plus an optional picture message with an image of your business card, logo, product, etc.
Step 3: You get a text-message on your phone with their contact information.
Step 4: Potential client can now easily save your information directly into their phone
Step 5: Every person that texts-in for your card is in your personal database of potential business. Now you can simply log-in to the user-interface accessible from any computer and send a text blast to every person in your database reminding them of you and your brand.
virtual business card