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As a media outlet, you are constantly trying to find new and unique ways to help your advertisers reach their marketing goals. Mobile Marketing allows advertisers to speak directly to their target consumers in a way that no other medium can. It's immediate and has a much stronger impact than any other advertising medium out there.
Make your advertising "interactive" with Text Message Marketing - Get your prospects to send you a text message, and measure the effectiveness of your ads.
How it works:
1. A prospect is sitting in a diner having lunch, reading the newspaper. There's an ad for a coupon that says: "To receive this coupon on your cell phone right now text "your keyword" to 96362."
2. The prospect will text your Keyword and instantly gets that coupon on their phone.
3. You can follow-up with them in the future to send out alerts, promotions, special events etc. You can also judge the readership of your ad.
Instantly reach viewers when and how they want. Create a direct source of advertising on the T.V. screen as well as your website. An opt-in link on your website allows end-users to get information they want directly to their mobile phones. Drive up the number of viewers by sending out reminders of show times, etc. using our online Text Message Platform! Such categories would be Breaking News, Weather Forecast, Warnings, Sports News, highlights and reminders.
Similar to that of Television opt-in links can be added to your website enabling listeners to opt-in to certain categories for updates. Listeners can also text in to WIN tickets to sporting events. After building a database of opt-in listeners then you will be able to send out reminders and updates via text when you want to drive listeners to your station.
Use a keyword with our short code in conjunction with any print ad possible to enhance communication. Use our text message platform to gain an immediate connection with readers. Drive revenue and attract new subscribers. Similar to that of Television and Radio popular opt-in categories would be: - Breaking News - Sports News, Scores & Highlights - Mobile Coupons.
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