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Movies or plays require an audience, so make sure your house is packed every night by using mobile promotions to get your audience through the door. You've seen the same technology on TV or heard it on the radio, people can text your keyword to 96362 to join your mobile distribution list and start receiving your messages on their phones.
This generation of tech-savvy consumers demands more than email, and businesses who sell to that audience can leverage the latest in new media to accelerate business growth. Mobile Text, IM, Email, Social Networks, Blogs - our All-In-One Message Service integrates them ALL.
How it works:
1. Frequent playgoer's see your mobile keyword on a flyer..
2. And they text "YourKeyword" to 96362.
3 They automatically receive a text back. Maybe something like, "Order your tickets today and use coupon LionKing10off at checkout for 10% off your purchase"
4. Now they are opted in to your distribution list and using our software, you can text this person in the future to keep him/her updated with new movies, news & more.