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Lets say you are having a big venue and you want to keep your audience entertained and engaged. You can use the feature Text-to-Screen and project messages onto a big screen. Your audience will text your Keyword fallowed by a message that will appear on this screen in real time. With Text-to-Screen you are growing your database since all the numbers that text in will be stored into your mobile database.
Our platform also enables you to filter messages, specific words, and/or block flagged phone numbers to avoid issues.
Make your event fun and engaging by allowing people to share their real-time message posts with your live audience on a large display.
Use Text-to-screen for:
Clubs & Bars: People can text-to-screen song requests, entertaining comments, shout-outs, important news, etc
Churches: People can text-to-screen questions about the sermon, feedback, prayer requests, etc
Sporting Events: People can text-to-screen real-time messages to their favorite players and teams, crowd-engaging comments, shout-outs, etc.
Conferences & Conventions: People can text-to-screen questions, contests, raffles, announcements, crowd-engaging promotions, etc.
Weddings/Birthdays: People can text-to-screen warm wishes at wedding receptions for the bride and groom, birthday wishes, share special memories etc.
Build crowd participation & interaction from your audience quickly and easily for memorable events they won't soon forget.
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