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Whether you're in charge of an international non-profit organization or a local community group, group text messaging can make your life easier. Text messages are the fastest, most affordable away to communicate with groups of people - and our shared short code and Keywords facilitate two-way communication.
Groups will love great features like:
• If you have a list of opted-in members you can quickly upload names, numbers, email addresses and more.
Schedule text messages to go out now or in the future
• Send messages on the go with Send-From-Phone and mobile access
• Sort staff, members and students into unlimited contact groups.
Subscriber Signup Widget available for your website, email & Facebook
• Get the same Amazing Support Fortune 500 clients rely on.
Use text messaging to:
1. Keep your opt-in audience in the loop about your progress in your charity campaign.
2. Implement a couponing program for current and prospective members.
3. Send out alerts with day, time and location or important events or changes in the schedule: "Come join the Wall Street Green Summit, starting May 19 at 9 am for latest developments in Green Trading and Finance."
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