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The world of marketing has moved from the television to the computer to the cell phone, otherwise known as the “third screen.” As the beauty industry expands and changes you will need to change your marketing strategy to include the third screen. This will help with the daily struggle of increasing visits, referrals and retail revenue.
Benefits of using Mobile Text in your marketing campaigns:
• Increase visits with text messaging: Remind your clients, 2 weeks and then 1 week prior to when they should be in for a follow-up appointment and avoid number of calls from clients begging to squeeze you in at the last minute, thus manage your schedule more efficiently.
• Increase referrals and decreasing no -shows: Send appointment reminders through text messaging to fill up a day that falls apart. If of a sudden clients start cancelling left and right, send out a quick text offering a special to your database of clients. You will not only fill your day, but those clients may forward your text to their friends and family, who may call and schedule with you too. BOOM! You’ll have new clients and your day will be chock-full again.
• Increasing retail revenue: Another way you can use text message marketing to grow your business is to send a text out about retail specials you are running or new products that came out. Everyone likes a special on their favorite product or on new products that just hit the shelves.
• Fill up your place of business on slow days. Send out a coupon to your customers to fill up your business on slow days: "Come in Monday - Wednesday for 20% off your haircut."
How it works:
1. Set up your Keyword and let your customers know about your text messaging campaign. Lets say Text-To-Win campaign: "Join our text club to qualify to win a free 1 hour massage".
2. Your clients will text your Keyword to 96362 and will receive an automated response that you set up. You can offer a coupon for their next visit for whomever didn't win and keep your customers coming back.
3. One person would win and now you have a large database to market to with future coupons, alerts, promotions etc.