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Using All-in One Marketing will grow your customer database and will keep them coming back again and again!
Benefits of using text messaging in your campaign:
1. Immediate Notifications Notify customers immediately with big sales, new shipments, and important announcements.
2. Turn your slow days into busy ones. Turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer and keep your store busy.
3. Send out Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons are much more effective than paper or email coupons.
How does it work:
1. Create your unique keyword. When customers visit your retail business, or see your ads, they send a text message to your keyword and receive a response with information about your business, or next big sale etc. Example: "Welcome to our VIP Club. Show this text to your sale representative and receive 10% off your next visit! "
2. Create a Sign Up Page so that your customers can join your campaign right from your website. You can customize the background of each sign up page to match your website's theme.
3. Create a facebook Widget or QR codes to bring in more customers .
4. Now that u have your database , you can start sending out your messages with coupons, sale events, important announcements using a simple platform that will allow you to reach your audience at a click of a button.
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