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Mobile coupons are the wave of the feature. Statistics show that " 22% of all adults would choose to receive cell-phone notice of daily specials from their favorite full service restaurant if they had the option." (National Restaurant Association 2008 Restaurant Industry Forecast)
Why put your customers through the hassle of printing coupons, cuttting them, and remember to bring them along, when you can simply offer them the possibility of getting them right on their phone? Your customers will love it, they will never have to worry about forgetting their coupon home or wasting time searching for one. Happy customer, successful business. Another great advantage is that people have their phones with them at all times, so the redemption rates for mobile coupons are much higher then the paper ones. More redeemed coupons=more people in your restaurant=bigger profit!
How does it work:
1. Create your restaurant keyword and promote it in your restaurant using table tents and advise your employees to encourage your clients to participate in your campaign. Let them know they will be receiving text messages with offers, deals, daily specials etc.
2. Add an incentive like: "Text keyword to 96362 for a chance to win a free drink!" Your customers will text in your keyword and will receive an automated message that u set up. Ex : " Sorry , you didn't win, but here is 10% OFF your next visit. Thank you for joining our VIP Club."
3. Its a win-win situation. By texting your keyword, the customer has opted in to join your mobile distribution list, and now using CouponFlash you can text this person in the future to keep him/her connected.
Create campaigns like:
• 2-for-1 specials
• Discounts (10% off your next purchase)
• Free stuff (get a free ice cream cone with your next purchase)
• Any important announcement
• Free appetizer with your entree today only ( turn slow days into busy days with a good offer).
Bottom line is that even if you have to offer discounts it's always better to have some business as opposed to no business.