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Using mobile text messaging campaigns will set your real estate agency apart from your competitors.
How does it work:
1. Person drives by a property and sees a For Sale sign with a mobile keyword printed on the sign.
2. Person texts the keyword (something like "Home1") to 69362.
3. Person receives an automated response, for example "4 bed, 4 bath, 2000 square ft. List price $750,000. For more info call me at (your number), or visit"
4. Person has opted-in to the home's mobile distribution list, and now using our mobile software you can text this person in the future with any updates.
Benefits of using text messaging in your business:
1.Set up different keywords for each home, so that when your customers will text in the keyword they will receive specific information about the house they are interested in: Number of beds/baths, agent's number and website, listing price - Additional listings based upon price, neighborhood, and category searches - Auction date, time, and location of foreclosures.
2. Mobile Marketing is fast and effective. Once the buyer text the keyword to your short code his info is stored in 2 locations:
a) It is sent to the agent's cell phone in the form of a text message or email, allowing the agent to contact the buyer immediately.
b) The buyer's info is also stored on our encrypted servers and is available through the realtors' password-protected portal to the system.
3. Effortlessly generate a mobile database of home buyers to contact in the future with new property listings. Quickly launch mass text messaging campaigns right from your own cell phone with one text message, or of course using our web-based software.
4. Schedule text message alerts/reminders to go out at specific dates and times.
5. Save money on printing costs and classified ads.
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