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The Mobile Coupons feature allows you to quickly and effectively create a mobile coupon, personalized with specific code for each customer so that it can be redeemed only once. Combine the power of electronic coupons and the convenience of mobile phones to maximize your returns.
Benefits of Mobile Coupons:
• Your customers never have to worry about forgetting their coupon home
• All coupons can be easily redeemed using our web-based software
• Have immediate impact on your business
• Eliminate expensive printing and mailing costs
• Track redemption rates
• Minimize investment in your POS (Point of Sale) set-up
• Go green by sending out mobile coupons instead of traditional paper coupons.
Facts about the Rise of Mobile Coupons:
Juniper Research estimates that there will be 300 million mobile coupon users globally in 2014. It is also predicted that in the same year smartphones and mobile internet will take over desktop computer usage!
BIA/Kelsey Forecasts:"U.S. Local Digital Ad Revenues will Nearly Double to $42.5Billion by 2015 from $21.7Billion in 2010". This growth coincides with anticipated improvement in the U.S. economy and a continued rise in overall local advertising.
When consumers were asked about their most recent purchase with coupons:
• 57% wouldn't have bought the item if they did not have a coupon
• The average amount spent was more with a coupon than without one
• Customers were more likely to purchase from the retailer again if they used a coupon
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