arrow MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Imagine having the ability to enhance your SMS Marketing campaign with a picture or video? Because of its interactivity, MMS messages increase user interest and boost direct response rates from people that are tired of just seeing boring text. It's also the perfect way to showcase to your customers that your business is on top of the latest technologies.
MMS is probably one of the most interactive features of our software with response rates 2 or 3 times higher in comparison to the traditional 160 characters in length text message.
Using MMS is your campaign can have certain benefits:
• MMS creates a modern mobile experience with powerful visual branding possibilities.
• You can send MMS to certain groups of people based on demographics, interests, or locations.
• MMS creates an interactive and emotional appeal on mobile devices though sound, images and animation.
• Make each recipient feel special by sending out a personalized message to each of them.
• Go green and save the earth!
Multimedia Messaging Service