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Implementing your own SMS Marketing campaign to your business couldn’t be easier. We are committed in helping you every step of the way. We will provide u with all the marketing materials (table tents, posters and all artwork personalized to fit your needs), a short code, and a very efficient and easy to use mobile software (no installation needed) that u can access from any computer, I-pad, I-phone etc.
Why choose to incorporate sms mobile marketing into your marketing campaigns?
Here are just a few key advantages that email or post mail can not provide:
• High-impact and timely delivery
• Personal attention
• Geo targeting
• Over 90% of messages are opened
• Short messages are read in full
• Extremely high purchase rate
• Capable of creating various fun, interactive, and engaging campaigns.
• Most affordable marketing medium
Text message marketing is extremely effective when used properly. First and foremost choose your Keyword wisely. Your keyword is a powerful marketing tool which will allow your customers to use their cell phone to opt-in and receive offers or information about your product or services. You can at any time buy more Keywords for different campaigns you might want to run: Voting, Text to Screen Display, 2-Way Texting etc.
Text Message Marketing allows you to:
• Send and receive up to 300,000 text messages per hour across all major US carriers.
• Text messages that roll over and never expire.
• Utilize Mobile Keywords to collect mobile phone numbers
• Launch a last minute VIP promotion or sales alert on slow days and get immediate results
• Import/Export mobile numbers, email addresses and instant message screen names via Microsoft Excel files
• Link your account to your own mobile phone to send out a single text message that will reach everyone on your distribution no matter your location
• Achieve the same or better results as large corporations, building brand recognition and customer loyalty.
• Minimize missed opportunities, increasing efficiency and revenue with automated mobile text appointment reminders.
• Encourage your potential customers to automatically join your database by scanning your Quick Response (QR) Code on posters, billboards and flyers
• Schedule messages for future delivery time
• Personalize text messages to address each recipient by their first and last name
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